A wonderful, enriching experience for both my sons who enjoyed their time at Little Elms immensely. The imaginative, board range of activities were delivered by their genuine, kind and talented teachers.

Chloe | 18.06.14 | read full testimonial »

'Little Elms has provided my daughter with an environment full of love and respect that allows her to develop all her potential to learn and explore the world. The staff are very well prepared and we feel as parents that we made the right choice'

Dad of Girl aged 2 1/2 | 02.02.15 | read full testimonial »

'An extremely dedicated Montessori Nursery with cheerful staff and a friendly, open atmosphere. Have sent 3 children here, already booked place for baby and will not need to look anywhere else'

Mum of 4 | 15.06.14 | read full testimonial »

'Both my children loved their time at Little Elms. They have learnt a lot, the staff are very caring and I would highly recommend this nursery'

Mum of 2 boys | 15.12.15 | read full testimonial »

"This nursery really goes the extra mile to make nursery an interesting, fun and rich learning environment. I would be happy to recommend it to any parent."

Boy aged 4 1/2 years - Butterfly Class | 13 May 2013 | read full testimonial »

'My little Boy and Girl have never been happier than when they come into Nursery, they especially love the French and Yoga.'
Boy age 3 1/2 yrs and Girl 2 yrs

Boy age 3 1/2 yrs and Girl 2 yrs - Butterfly & Caterpillar Class | Jan 2013 | read full testimonial »