“My son is currently in his final term at Little Elms and has been attending the nursery for the past 3 years now, being the eldest in his year group. I made the decision to keep him on at Little Elms until he starts Reception year at primary school. It was the best decision I made! During the past 3 years I have observed that those children who do stay on for that final year ‘graduate’ with so much confidence, perhaps gained from the smaller class sizes than may have been possible at a nursery attached to a primary school and the extra support from staff at Little Elms that affords. It was also important to me to choose particularly a Montessori nursery, as the method seems to be so in tune with both parents’ and childrens’ needs – no pressure or tests for children, but constant observation and monitoring (without the children knowing it) to be able to constantly assess and provide learning tailored for their needs. At Little Elms the Montessori approach is applied in a very caring, nurturing and highly efficient manner. The way that staff, under the leadership of management (who is a fully qualified teacher with years of experience of teaching older children also) and the teachers are diligent and committed to applying this is what motivated me to become actively involved with fund raising for the PTA to support them in being able to provide fundraising for the updating of nursery equipment as and when they needed it. My son clearly looks up to his lovely, hard working teachers and comes home asking to ‘play schools’ where he gets to be his teacher and recites their wonderfully caring, polite but firm instructions!
I will be sad to see my son leave in the Summer term 2013 but I will always look back fondly on the 3 years at Little Elms where he skipped in happily every day and came home full of excitement about the latest projects he was learning about, he is currently full of tales about underwater sea creatures and has amazed me with his ability to write and word build before he has started primary school! This nursery really goes the extra mile to make nursery an interesting, fun and rich learning environment. I would be happy to recommend it to any parent.”


Boy aged 4 1/2 years - Butterfly Class
13 May 2013